Marine Photo Bank

Street Address:
1731 Connecticut Ave., NW 4th Floor
District of Columbia
United States of America
Postal Code:
202 483-9570

The Marine Photobank produces a bi-monthly newsletter as well as Photo Stories aimed to visually engage the public in pressing ocean issues.


Our galleries display a wide range of images highlighting ocean issues. Images can be used at no cost for non-commericial applications.

The mission of SeaWeb's Marine Photobank is to advance ocean conservation by providing compelling, high-quality marine photos, images and graphics at no cost for non-commercial use as well as for media use. The Marine Photobank aims to literally shed light through photos on pressing marine issues and human-related impacts on the ocean ecosystem.

Specifically, the Photobank:

  • Provides a unique and dynamic resource of ocean conservation related imagery for research, education, media and public outreach.
  • Inspires photographers to actively engage in marine conservation by taking photos that illustrate ocean impacts and sharing them with the public through the Marine Photobank.
  • Engages a powerful network of individuals and entities who can communicate, synergize and increase their visibility.