Scientific Information Systems for the Sea(SISMER)

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P.O. Box 70
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33 298 224 916

SISMER (Syst?mes d'Informations Scientifiques pour la Mer) was created in 1990 and belongs to the major infrastructures for oceanography. Since 1997 it belongs to the Computer, Informatics and Marine Data (IDM) Department of IFREMER. It participates in the "Data Centres" programme of the institute theme "Major Equipements for Oceanography". As defined in its missions, it designs and operates scientific information systems and databases for national and international projects in the marine domain, in collaboration with ISI (Ing?nierie des Syst?mes d'Informations) Service. Its activity includes compilation, safeguarding and dissemination of conventional data collected during national and international projects The data management includes also information on methodology and formats (meta-data), and the implementation of quality checks to insure comparability of data from various sources. SISMER is the Designated National Oceanographic Data Centre for France (French NODC) for the International Oceanographic Data Exchange programme (IODE) of UNESCO Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, following the former Bureau National des Donn?es Oc?aniques (BNDO). This national data banking activity dates from 1968, and covers the fields of marine physics, chemical, underway geophysics and general information on French oceanographic cruises and data sets. SISMER contributes to data management structures of several international scientific projects, especially in the frame of the European projects. Data and services are provided by using: advanced technology software developed by the Service "Engineering of Information Systems (ISI)" centralized computer and communication facilities managed by the Service " Computer and Communication Resources (RIC)".