The Physical Ocean

The ocean comprises 71% of the earth's surface and is an integral part of every aspect of human life. Throughout history, the ocean has connected our world — through exploration and scientific inquiry, immigration and acculturation, trade, and the exploitation of maritime resources. The ocean is essential to human well-being through production of fresh water, food, energy, and medicine. Without a healthy ocean, our survival is at risk.

The sites recommended here can provide the best organized,
most comprehensive resources for answers to your ocean questions.



Climate Change Institute
UN World Ocean Assessment


The UN Atlas of the Oceans


NOAA Climate Services Portal


Census of Marine Life


CoML Species of the Week


UNESCO Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission


US Ocean Policy


EU Ocean Policy


  NOAA Ocean Explorer


Google Ocean


Millennium Ecosystem Assessment


Encyclopedia of Life


  Eye On Earth


International Polar Year


  Milstein Hall of Ocean Life


  Circle of Blue | Fresh Water News